Snake Plant -Indoor-Sansevieria – Single Plant Rate

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Special benefits:

-Require low-maintenance and easy to grow.
-Best plant for indoor use, say in an Office desk or any other AC rooms etc.
-Can stand with low light conditions.
-Popular for its wavy cross stripes.

Sansevieria trifasciata is a beautiful houseplant with elegant perennial lance-shaped, fleshy leaves. This plant could grow up to 1.2 m or more long, with an appearance of say horizontally marbled and banded dark and light green gesture. Dwarf cultivars are suitable for growing in pots, bowls or even Pan.
“Laurentii”, aka snake plant, has an upstanding leaf. These leaves are of 45 cm long, broad yellow margins and horizontally marbled mid-dark green color. This plant belongs to the family of Asparagaceae. There are also small fragrant greenish-white flowers bloom on mature plants.

Sansevieria Trifasciata Care:

Sunlight: Bright indirect natural Sunlight or bright artificial light.
Watering: Apply water on soil that feels dry, check topsoil (7 – 10 cm). Water Apply water of soil feels dry, check topsoil (7 – 10 cm).
Soil: Must be well-drained and fertile with rich organic content.
Temperature: 12 – 29 degree Celsius.
Fertilizer: Use any Organic fertilizers.

Sansevieria Trifasciata Special Feature & Uses:

It’s an excellent air-purifier making it suitable as an in-house plant.

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