Asparagus Setaceus – Climbing Asparagus

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Asparagus setaceus are an elegant fern species. Treasured with long wiry stems and lovely frond-like sprays that scramble outwards horizontally. Looks great at your personal spaces. Asparagus setaceus, aka lace fern or Common asparagus fern or climbing asparagus, or ferny asparagus. These are climbing plants from the genus of Asparagus. Although they are termed as fern, they are not really. They resemble one. They are bushy initially, developing as a long, twining stems of bright green, feathery fronds. Tiny green-white bell-shaped flowers may bloom in late summer, which in-turn develops into small, purple berries. It is fast growing and an easy to care plant that could reach height of 2.5 m unless pruned.

Asparagus Setaceus Care:

Sunlight: Partial shade.
Watering: Medium.
Soil: Well drained soil.
Temperature: 20 to 30 degrees Celsius.
Fertilizer: Apply any organic fertilizer.


Asparagus setaceus features and Uses:

As there has been no serious pest or disease noticed in this crop, making them relevant for Ornamental Use. These plants are recommended in medical use as known good for heart health or regulating blood sugar.

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